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What Is Early Internvention (top)
The Early Intervention Program is a statewide program that provides many different types of early intervention services to children with delays or disabilities. If your child is eligible for the Early Intervention Program, early intervention services are provided at no cost to you. Health Insurance, including private insurance and Medicaid, is used to pay for early intervention services in New York State. Parents or others who interact with a baby, such as a grandparent, caretaker, or family member usually notice the problem first, however many parents don't know what to do next. We can help.

Who is eligible for early intervention (top)

  • Any family is entitled to an evaluation for their child under EIP, as long as a concern in one of the areas of development exists and the child is less than three years of age.
  • A referral to EIP can be made by anyone (parent, doctor, family member, friend, case worker, teacher, nurse; etc.) suspecting or identifying a delay in a child.
  • An assessment of all the areas of development will be conducted prior to determining eligibility for services.
  • All About Development provides evaluations in the families’ homes or the community depending on what is most convenient for
    the family

What happens if my child is found eligible? (top)

If a child is found eligible for the EIP, all needed early intervention services are identified in collaboration with the parent and must be authorized by the municipality. You will be able to select provider agency (s) who will work with your child and family to deliver services authorized by the municipality for the Early Intervention Program.

Here's how it works:
1. The person who suspects a child is not developing as expected calls the local government office, such as (516)227-8661 in Nassau County; 311 in New York City, to ask for a referral to EIP.

2. The referral is made, and the child is assigned a Service Coordinator who will guide the family through the process. The Coordinator will assist in identifying evaluation sites, explaining the eligibility criteria, and facilitating the Individualized Family Service Plan (IFSP) meeting where the services, frequency and location of services will be determined.

That's where we come in
At All About Development we have multicultural/multilingual service coordination division that facilitates evaluations, guides families through the Early Intervention process, and provides information to families. All About Development has the depth of experience to evaluate children for eligibility in the Early Intervention Program and to assist in the development of the IFSP. All About development provides services in the child’s natural environment, which is generally the home but which may also be in a day care or another setting familiar and comfortable for the child. When early intervention services are delivered in child care settings or community locations that require a fee, the parent is responsible for paying any costs associated with access to such child care or community locations.

Once your child's services are authorized, we are ready and set to go!

What languages are spoken (top)

All About Development employs staff who speak a wide array of languages in addition to English, including Spanish, Russian,
Polish, Farsi, Uzbek, Arabic,
and many others.

Eligibility for therapeutic services (top)

All children referred receive a multidisciplinary evaluation to determine eligibility for services. NYS’s definition of development delay is a child that has not reached certain milestones expected for the child’s age adjusted for prematurity. A development delay is a delay that has been measured by qualified personnel using appropriate diagnostic procedures which document:

  • 12 month delay in one functional area;
  • 33% delay in one functional area or 25% in each of two areas;
  • 2 Standard deviations below the mean in one functional area or 1.5 standard deviation below the mean in each
    of two functional areas.

Five developmental areas (top)

How to make a referral (top)

If you suspect that your child needs Early Intervention Services, contact us.  We will assist you in making the referral.

Contact us by phone:
To get more information about All About Development please call
In Queens: (718)-878-4099
In Nassau County: (516)-299-6072
You may direct your referral to New York City
Call 311
You may direct your referral to the Nassau County Department of Health

  • Via Phone: 516-227-8661



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